Custom Practice Double Staffs

Custom Practice Double Staffs

from 115.50

Whether you are using them just to play, or go in depth with technical practice, we're sure you will love these double staffs! They have been crafted to weigh and balance perfectly for any style of spinning, and come in many customizable options.

With this order you will receive: 

  • a pair of CUSTOM carbon fiber practice staffs designed by you


Staff Heads:

  • many color options! (red, orange, green, blue, purple, yellow, white, black, or clear)
    • order 2 different colors for easy thumb & pinky orientation training!
  • flat top perfect for balancing 
  • features one of a kind artwork printed on sides
  • heads are removable for color mix and matching, yet stay on tight while spinning

Staff Shaft:

  • 5/8" outer diameter carbon fiber pole
  • light weight and SUPER durable

Staff Grip:

  • soft and cushioned Wizard Grip available in many colors (navy, blue, purple, plum, lavender, olive, and black)


  • Items usually ship within 5 business days

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