LED Contact Poi

LED Contact Poi

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These LED poi are super cozy for contact rolls and can be set up with any of our ropes and handles. The light is a modified Flowtoys capsule with an end cap to prevent water damage and make sure there is no rattle.    

With this order you will receive:

> a pair of LED contact poi 

>two modified capsule lights

> made using white soft grip, 100mm, matte finish balls 

> polypropylene rope of your color and size choice or 

>> Upgrade your rope to 8mm, 9mm, 0r 11mm static rope! This rope is stiffer, making it great for contact and tosses. It also has a protective coating that prevents the rope from dreading and shrinking. The stiffness of the each rope increases with size. Also, we now offer white 1/2" cotton rope!

> two knobs of your type and color choice (Penguin knobs, PomGrips or Ultra knobs) 

> two micro usb chargers 

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