Custom Practice SoSC

Custom Practice SoSC

from 210.00

These contact staffs are great for all types of staff on staff contact (SoSC) and double contact styles! Durable carbon fiber shafts, perfectly weighted heads, tacky wizard grip, and flowers make for aesthetically pleasing staves that feel amazing. We offer a large variety of unique color schemes to choose from, making these perfect performance props to match any costume! 

With this order you will receive:

  •  a pair CUSTOM of contact staffs designed by you


Staff Heads:

  • 3D printed heads come in many colors options! (green, blue, purple, white, clear, black, red, yellow, or orange)
  • each head weighs 120 grams
  • Each sphere is pressure fit, so you can swap heads and change up the color scheme easily

Staff Shaft: 

  • SUPER durable carbon fiber of your diameter choice ( 5/8", 11/16", 3/4")
  • 5/8" & 3/4" poles for SoSC are back ordered. You can order it and we'll have the parts already printed and ready to assemble and ship your order as soon as we have more poles. In the mean time we'll send you emails with updates on your order. 
  • Customizable length 

Staff Grip:

  • soft and cushioned Wizard Grip of your color and thickness choice (navy, black, olive, purple, and lavender)


  • Flowers are used to slow down the roll of a staff and are great for learning new tricks. (optional +$20.00)


  • Items usually ship within 10 business days

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