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Static Rope:

  • The static rope is much stiffer than poly ropes, making it great for contact, tosses, and even balances. Don't worry though, the rope is still soft enough for tangles and spiral wraps. It also has a protective coating that prevents the rope from dreading and shrinking. This rope is sold at $3.00 per foot and comes in 8mm purple, 9mm lime green, 9mm electric blue, and 11mm black.

Cotton Rope: 

  • We now have 1/2" rope in cotton! If you're looking for a thick yet soft tether that won't shrink, you've found it. This rope is sold at $2.00 per foot for natural, or $4.00 per foot for colorful

Poly Ropes:

  • The poly ropes come in many colors to match our balls and handles! We offer 3/8" for $1.00 per foot and 1/4" for $0.50 per foot. 

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