Fire Manipulation, LED Performances, & More!

THe Shape Shift Show

The performers who make up The Shape Shift Show have been learning, practicing, and perfecting their skills for many years. Now they want to bring unique and exciting entertainment to your next event! Whether it's a wedding, private party, corporate event, concert, holiday party, parade or any other type of event. Our performers take any gathering to the next level and leave guests with exceptional memories! 

All of our performers are currently based out of Knoxville Tennessee. You may contact us for more information and performace samples by filling out the email form below, or calling Madi Daniel at (304) 640-8377.

Contact Us

Don't be shy! We offer a variety of options from choreographed stage performances to roaming ambient work. Get in touch with us so we can get more specifics and help bring your vision to life! It will save some time if you include when and where the event is, and how many guests you are expecting, in your first message. 

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